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As you know by now, effective sales letters can make you a LOT of money...

But, effective VIDEO sales letters can make you even MORE money!

It's true.

Video sales letters can convert up to 10 times more than written sales letters...


Because video content is the MOST consumed content out there.

Think Youtube. Netflix. Hulu. Amazon. And So Many More.

Most consumers rank video as the number one type of content they want to see more of.

Video sales messages can build trust with customers more easily than written copy alone.

And, recent studies have shown that a whopping 62% of people thoroughly consume video content.

This Makes Video The Most Popular Way People Consume Information. They Love It!

And that's what makes video so powerful and so astonishingly effective at convincing a lot of people to give you their money!

Look, text-based sales letters still kick butt. I made over 4 thousand dollars in just 7 days using one.

However, statistics show that I could have made twice that... maybe even up to 10 times that amount had I used a video sales letter.

So, maybe next time I will use a VSL.

Anyway, the point here is that video sales letters are incredibly effective and if you know how to create them, you're going to be able to almost virtually create large cash-flows whenever you want!

That's Why I've Created A Simple, Step-By-Easy-Step Program That Takes You By The Hand And Shows You Exactly How To Quickly And Easily Create Shockingly Powerful, Money-Vacuuming Video Sales Letters!

I even created a start-to-finish, nothing left out, "plug-n-play" fill-in-the-blanks template you can use to create a cash generating video sales letter in a matter of minutes!

Using this template is a breeze.

Just add a few of your own words and presto! You've got yourself a video sales letter that could help pay off your bills, fund your next exotic vacation, buy a new car, start a college fund, or whatever your heart desires!

This new, breakthrough video sales letter creation course is called the Lazy Marketer's Cash-Flow Video Sales Letter Formula.

It's a mind-blowingly simple 12 step system that walks you through the entire video sales letter creation process from start to finish.

Nothing is left out.

It Answers All Your Questions, Shows You All The Short Cuts And Gives You A Quick And Easy Paint-By-The-Numbers Way To Make Staggeringly Effective, Cash-Siphoning Video Sales Letters!

...Even If You Can't Write, Are Dead Broke, And Have Zero Experience -- 100% Guaranteed!

Here's just a taste of what's inside this new, breakthrough course:

  • A fast, virtually fail-proof 12-step video sales letter formula (with examples) that shows you how to quickly and easily create cash-generating video sales letters! (Even with no copywriting skills, you can crank out winning vsls in minutes with this connect-the-dots formula... works especially well for info products. I'll show you exactly how... guaranteed!)
  • The one mistake even professional copywriters make that kills the money-making power of their video sales letters and how you can take a few simple and easy steps that will instantly increase the cash making power of your sales letters by 200% or more! (Imagine consistently creating video sales letters that out perform even those videos created by highly paid professionals! It's that powerful.)
  • How you can create video sales letters in the shortest time possible. (You'll discover how to quickly churn out video sales letters that convert like gangbusters and make you loads of cash almost instantly!)
  • A "no sweat, no brainer" secret weapon that top professional copywriters use to quickly, and with almost zero effort, make sure they create world-class winning video sales letters.
  • How you can use completely free software to quickly and easily record your video sales letters. (Even though it's free, this method will still allow you to record a slick and hypnotic video sales letter that looks like you spent a fortune on it!)
  • "Sneaky" copywriting tricks the professionals use to crank up the persuasive power of their sales letters so people can't almost help but to tear out their credit card and buy whatever it is you're promoting! (These sly professional techniques - that should probably be illegal but aren't - work on an almost subconscious level to mesmerize your viewer into listening to every word you say and all but guarantee they have an unquenchable, unstoppable desire to buy whatever it is you're selling.)
  • A complete start-to-finish, time-saving, "plug-n-play" fill-in-the-blanks video sales letter template you can use to create money-making video sales letters faster than you ever thought possible. Just add a few of your own words and you've got your own powerful, money-making VSL in mere minutes! This rapid template makes creating video sales letters so easy you'll laugh. (It's honestly not very fair because there are professional copywriters out there who charge up to $25,000 to create video sales letters that aren't nearly as good as videos you can create with this template!)
  • And much more!

So by now, you’re probably thinking...

With the amount of money the Lazy Marketer's Cash-Flow Video Sales Letter Formula can make for you, the price to invest in it is probably going to be well out of your reach.

Guess again!

While the Lazy Marketer's Cash-Flow Video Sales Letter Formula is worth at least 10 times what other Video Sales Letter creation programs cost...

The great news is that you can get it for only $37... that's $110 off the regular price.

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Listen: I am offering you the Lazy Marketer's Cash-Flow Video Sales Letter Formula at such a discounted rate because I remember what I went through when I didn’t have this information.

I want to help you the way that I would have wanted to be helped years ago when I was struggling to make a dime online.

And now it's available to you.

To Help You Make As Much Money As Humanly Possible And Achieve The Lifestyle You KNOW You Deserve!

Look: You have a choice to make right now.

If you do nothing, it really won't effect me very much.

However, what impact will it have on your life?

Will you still be able to achieve the success and financial freedom that you have been craving?


You can keep doing what you're doing.

Hoping that maybe the next Guru Course you buy will show you how to make money with a "secret loophole" or some push-button software made by a third-rate programmer from

Or you can make a small investment today and acquire a powerful skill that is virtually a license to print money.

The choice is yours.

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30-Day, Iron-Clad, No-Holds-Barred, 100% Money-Back 'Triple' Guarantee:

1. If you create a VSL using The Formula and it doesn’t make you money hand over fist

2. If you don’t feel like the “plug-n-play” template is worth its weight in gold

3. Or even if you don’t like the sound of my voice!…

I’ll promptly and courteously give you every dime of your money back.  No hassles. No problems. No questions asked.

I have 100% faith in my video sales letter formula because I've used it and I know it works.

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