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  • How to use The National Enquirer to increase the selling power of your sales letters. (Yes, the silly magazine you see at the grocery checkout counter has hidden appeals that you can use in your own sales letters to put more money in your pocket!)
  • The amazing "magic bullet" solution to making your sales letters shockingly irresistible to your visitors. (This little-known technique is so powerful it can convert even the laziest, most disinterested, skeptical and purchase-resistant visitors into cash-in-hand, red-hot, eager-beaver buyers!)
  • Which words you must absolutely, positively avoid putting in your sales letters (These words, that seem harmless, and are commonly used by less skilled copywriters and marketers, will KILL your sales faster than you can say "bankrupcty!")
  • 4 common reasons people may not buy from you and the easy steps you can take to overcome these reasons and make a lot more cash! (Overcoming these 4 objections can have a big impact on your bottom line... easily doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your sales!)
  • A list of common, everyday phrases that work like magic to lower your prospects resistance to your sales message, make them think of you like a friend, and dramatically increase the chances that they'll pull out their credit card and order your product.
  • 7 powerful ways to make your sales letters hypnotic, seductive, captivating, and potent enough to convert massive numbers of your visitors into cash-paying buyers. (These are advanced tactics used by all great copywriters and intensely-successful online marketers.)
  • Why admitting that you're a complete dummy in your sales letters can dramatically increase your sales.
  • Secret weapon "Power Words" you can inject into your sales letters that add eletrifying vitality, potent energy, and jawdropping conversion power! (It's like injecting nitrous oxide into a car engine for a shocking boost of monstrous raw horsepower and staggering performance!)
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