Lazy Marketer's Advanced Copywriting Training And Tool Kit

The Templates

On this page you'll find the sales letter templates, along with additional templates for the prehead, headline, posthead, bullet points, guarantee examples and post script examples.

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Sales Letter Templates

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    Sales Letter Template #1

    This is a "generic" template that can be used for just about any product imagineable.

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    Sales Letter Template #2

    This template can be used across a wide variety of niches. However, in order to use this template, you must have your own story about how you overcame the same problem that your prospects are facing.

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    Sales Letter Template #3

    This sales letter is perfect for niches where people have repeatedly tried yet failed to achieve their goals. Niches like weight loss, relationships, and online or offline marketing.

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    Sales Letter Template #4

    This template is perfect for products that are designed to help people prevent something unwanted from happening.

Sales Letter Parts Templates