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Hey JVs and Affiliates,

My name is Will Allen and I've been making a full-time living online for 13 years as a copywriter, product creator, affiliate, content creator, website builder, and eBay seller.

And I've put all of the copywriting knowledge I've acquired over that time in this completely unique, one-of-a-kind video training program.

What is the Lazy Marketer's Cash-Flow Copywriting System?

It's an "A-Z" easy education that reveals pro-level copywriting secrets to writing killer sales letters that convert hordes of skeptical, disinterested visitors into smoking hot, cash-in-hand buyers. It's a very simple system, is virtually effortless, and requires zero skills or experience to complete.

It contains information advanced enough to interest hard-bitten veterans, yet it's easy and simple enough for complete newbies.

You can also market the system from many different angles. It covers...
1. A step-by-step course in copywriting; there's no need to buy additional high-priced courses (nor hire a pricey copywriter).
2. A surprising way to create urgency so people feel compelled to pull out their wallets and give you cash RIGHT NOW!
3. How you can write smooth, hypnotic sales pages that rake in cash, even if you have no sales experience, writing ability, or any skills whatsoever!
4. A surprisingly simple, yet astonishingly powerful 3-step process for creating a powerful ending to your sales letters.
5. Three secret ways to "focus" your potential customer’s attention on your sales message and get them to act right now!
6. When you learn to write sales letters you can also SELL your skills!
7. Clever (and very "sneaky") ways to give yourself "instant credibility" in the eyes of your prospects.
8. You’ll find out how the pros use the 3 ancient “Rules Of Seduction” to create a “call to action” in their sales letters that can increase your sales by as much as 50%!)
9. And a LOT more!

So you can promote it as a fast and easy way to acquire shockingly powerful, money-making copywriting skills... as a way to learn how to make money as a freelance copywriter... as a way to dramatically increase the conversion power of blog posts, emails, social media posts, paid ads, and more, as a way to be more persuasive in your everyday life, and more!

There's also excellent support, easy-to-understand-and-consume videos, and 2 upsells designed to trigger prospect's greed glands and all but force them to "fire away" with his/her credit card!

I truly believe that you can score BIG in two ways by promoting this upcoming launch...

1. High conversions (Pro-written sales pages convert like crazy!)
2. High customer satisfaction (Your subscribers will love this training!)

This is a win for you and your customers!

I would love to have your help in bringing this new, breakthrough product to the marketplace.

Hope to work with you soon!


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The Products

The Lazy Marketers Cash-Flow Copywriting System $10 (100% Commissions)

This is how anyone can create white-hot sales letters that stop your audience cold, pinches them on the butt, and makes them crave what you’re selling – even if you’re a terrible writer, can’t spell, and flunked out of English class!

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The Lazy Marketers Cash-Flow Copywriting Advanced Training & Template Tool Kit! $27 (50% Commissions)

This is a virtual treasure's chest of easy tools and simple training that can dramatically increase your copywriting skills and make you a lot more money!

The Lazy Marketers Video Sales Letter Formula $37 (50% Commissions)

This is a mind-blowingly simple 12-step system that walks you through the entire video sales letter creation process from start to finish. Also includes a nothing left out, "plug-n-play," fill-in-the-blanks template anyone can use to create a cash generating video sales letter in a matter of minutes!

Reseller Rights To The The Lazy Marketers Cash-Flow Copywriting System & Advanced Training & Template Tool Kit & Video Sales Letter Formula! $97 (50% Commissions)

This is a rare opportunity for marketers to get 100% reseller rights to both the Copywriting System and The Advanced Training & Tool Kit.  They'll be able to make instant, 100% profits from any sales they make. And there's no technical expertise needed to set up the funnel - it's all done for them! I'll provide a special link to every person who purchases the reseller rights that they can use to send their traffic.


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